East West Bank Credit Card Promo–Burger King (December 15, 2020 to March 14, 2021)

East West Bank Credit Card Promo–Burger King (December 15, 2020 to March 14, 2021)

  1. The program is exclusive to EastWest Gold & Classic Visa and LausAutoGroup Visa Credit Cardholders (“EastWest Visa Cardholders”) in good credit standing*. Other EastWest Credit Cards which do not carry the Visa mark are excluded from this program.
  2. Promo period is from  December 15, 2013 to March 14, 2014. Redemption period is from December 15, 2020 to May 13, 2014.
  3. To qualify for FREE Burger King Treats, the Cardholder must make a purchase using his/her EastWest Credit Card at any merchant during the promo period corresponding to the spend requirement below:
    Choice of:

    • Whopper Jr. Solo
    • 1 pc. King’s Crunchy Chicken Meal
    • Chicken Crisp Fillet Meal
    P2,000 minimum single-receipt purchase
    Choice of:

    • 2 pc. King’s Crunchy Chicken Meal
    • Double Whopper Jr. Meal
    • Classic Angus Steakhouse Burger Sol
    P4,000 minimum single-receipt or
    accumulated-receipt purchase
    (at least P2,000 per charge slip)
  4. To redeem, the EastWest Visa Cardholder must present his/her EastWest Visa Credit Card and surrender the valid original EastWest Visa Credit Card charge slip/s (Customer’s copy) at participating Burger King branches.
  5. Upon redemption, the EastWest Visa Credit Card will be validated against the credit card charge slip/s presented. The credit card details on the charge slip/s must match with the EastWest Visa Credit Card presented.
  6. The EastWest Visa Cardholder can redeem up to a maximum of three (3) FREE Burger King Treats per card, per day, per store.
  7. Unreadable and/or duplicate charge slips will not be acceptable for redemption.
  8. Redemption is valid for over-the-counter transactions/purchases only and is not valid for delivery. Once redemption has been made, it cannot be cancelled, reversed or applied to another item.
  9. Each EastWest Visa Credit Card purchase that meets the qualified minimum spend requirement and covered by a valid original credit card charge slip (Customer’s copy) may be used for redemption only once.
  10. EastWest shall not replace expired, lost or stolen charge slip/s.
  11. EastWest reserves the right to charge the cost of the FREE Burger King Treats redeemed against the Cardholder’s EastWest Visa Credit Card should his/her redemption be found to be fraudulent.
  12. Splitting of a single credit card transaction to generate multiple transaction charge slips is not allowed and shall be deemed fraudulent. Transactions from the same merchant that are a few minutes apart shall be classified as split sale transactions and will only be qualified for a single redemption.
  13. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash or products other than the offers indicated above.
  14. The EastWest Visa Cardholder may request from EastWest the retrieval of a copy of the surrendered charge slip/s, subject to the provisions indicated in the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Visa Credit Cards.
  15. In case of dispute in respect of the EastWest Visa Cardholder’s eligibility, coverage of the program dates, fulfillment, etc., EastWest’s decision shall be conclusive. All questions or disputes regarding the EastWest Visa Cardholder’s eligibility for the program or for any redemption shall be resolved by EastWest with prior approval from DTI.

* Cardholders in good credit standing are those whose accounts are not delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, those whose EastWest Visa Credit Cards are not reported lost or stolen and those who have not, otherwise, violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards.

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