BPI Credit Card Promo – Greenwich (March 28 to May 31, 2021)

BPI Credit Card Promo – Greenwich (March 28 to May 31, 2021)

So easy to redeem!

1. Visit any Greenwich branch nationwide.

2. Present your BPI Express Credit Classic and MasterCard used for the transaction.

3. Surrender your qualified original charge slip or cash advance slip (minimum single receipt purchase of P2,000, P6,000 or P12,000).


Promo Mechanics:

1. The promo is open to all existing BPI Express Credit Classic and MasterCard cardholders:


Qualified BPI Express Credit Classic and MasterCard The following cards are NOT qualified:
  • Classic
  • Blue MasterCard
  • Gold MasterCard
  • Petron-BPI MasterCard
  • BPI WorldPerks MasterCard
  • BPI SkyMiles MasterCard
  • BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard
  • Edge MasterCard
  • Mini-Edge MasterCard
  • BPI Express Credit Corporate Classic
  • BPI Express Credit Corporate MasterCard
  • BPI Family Bank MasterCard
  • BPI Amore Visa
  • BPI Amore Visa Platinum


2. Promo period is from March 28 to May 31, 2014.

3. To qualify, cardholder should use any of the QUALIFIED BPI Express Credit card within the promo period for a minimum single purchase transaction of P2,000, P6,000, or P12,000 at any merchant. Transaction should be approved through a Point-of-Sale terminal. Cash advance transactions are also qualified.

4. Cardholder can redeem the featured food items at any Greenwich store nationwide. Required minimum single receipt transactions and their corresponding free food items are as follows:


Required Minimum Single Receipt Transaction Greenwich Food Items
  • One (1) order of 1-Piece Jumbo Crunchy Chicken with rice a la carte OR
  • One (1) Snack Size Lasagna Supreme
  • One (1) Double Thin Overload Pizza* OR
  • One (1) order of 4-Piece Jumbo Crunchy Chicken OR
  • Two (2) orders of Full Size Lasagna Supreme
  • One (1) order of Barkada Thin Overload Pizza* OR
  • One (1) order of Bucket Feast 6-Piece Jumbo Crunchy Chicken a la carte + three (3) plain rice OR
  • One (1) order of Lasagna Supreme Feast**

* Double and Barkada Thin Overload Pizza options: Ultimate Special Overload, 7 Cheese Overload and All-Meat & Cheese Overload

** Lasagna Supreme Feast includes one (1) Double Thin Hawaiian Classic, three (3) Snack Size Lasagna Supreme and three (3) regular softdrinks


5. To redeem, cardholder must:

  • Present for verification the BPI Express Credit card used for the transaction
  • Surrender the qualified original and untampered charge slip or cash advance transaction receipt to any authorized Greenwich personnel
  • For BPI Express Credit MasterCard foreign-denominated transactions, cardholder must also present the corresponding statement of account where the transaction is billed to verify its Peso value equivalent.

6. Qualified charge slip and cash advance transaction receipt MUST contain the following:

  • Transaction date (within the promo period)
  • Transaction amount (minimum transaction amount of P2,000, P6,000 or P12,000)
  • Card number (must match with the card being presented)
  • “Customer’s Copy” (“Duplicate”, “Merchant’s Copy” or “Bank’s Copy” will NOT be accepted for redemption).

Qualified charge slip and cash advance transaction receipt MUST be original and readable.  Photocopied, tampered and/or faded charge slip and cash advance transaction receipt will NOT be honored for redemption.

7. Printed charge slip or cash advance transaction receipt should be presented to qualify for redemption of the FREE food items.  Transactions without the printed charge slip or transaction receipts are NOT qualified, such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Online purchases and internet payments
  • Mail and telephone order purchases
  • Auto-charge transactions
  • Mobile transfers 
  • Cash advance transactions with no receipt dispensed

8. Redemption is until July 31, 2014.

9. The redemption is valid for dine-in or take-out only.

10. Only one (1) free food item can be redeemed per qualified charge slip or cash advance transaction receipt.  A customer is allowed up to three (3) redemptions per day, per store only.

11. A single purchase transaction requires only one approval. Splitting into smaller transaction sizes and, consequently, requiring multiple transaction approvals will not be allowed.

12. Charge slip and cash advance transaction receipt must be in good condition (i.e. readable transaction date, transaction amount and card number) to verify eligibility.  Unreadable charge slips/transaction receipts will NOT be honored for redemption.

13. BPI and Greenwich shall not be responsible for the replacement and/or acknowledgement of charge slips/transaction receipts that are lost, stolen and/or faded for purposes of redemption.

14. Transactions that are found fraudulent or are consequently cancelled/void or did not comply with the terms and conditions above (i.e. did not meet minimum spend, outside promo period, split transactions, photocopy of charge slip/transaction receipt, etc.) will not qualify for redemption. Should the cardholder knowingly and intentionally redeem with these charge slips/transaction receipts, BPI reserves the right to charge the cost of the reward redeemed to his/her BPI Express Credit account. Likewise, redemptions thereafter of cardholder with these charge slips/transaction receipts will be declined/refused without prior notice.

15. In case of dispute, the decision of BPI with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.

16. For questions on the statement of account, the Cardholder may request for the retrieval of the copy of the charge slip subject to BPI Express Credit Terms and Conditions. BPI shall be notified immediately through BPI Express Phone at 89-100, or domestic toll free at 1-800-188-89-100, or if abroad, by calling 632-8910000 or its toll free numbers in selected countries listed in BPI EOL, and in writing of any billing error in the SOA. If no error is reported within twenty (20) calendar days from statement date indicated in the SOA, the SOA shall be considered correct and binding upon the Cardholder and his/her supplementary. (Please refer to the BPI Express Credit Terms and Conditions for full details regarding errors or questions on SOA.)

17. The free Greenwich food items cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.

18. BPI is authorized to give necessary information to its contractor or agent to perform or complete the redemption process of the Greenwich items.

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