About The Promo Blogger

The Promo Blogger aims to be a repository of deals and articles to get more out of our money. 

When The Promo Blogger started; Group Buying became mainstream and that was a period where a lot of deal sites popped out and started offering Group Buying Deals. I used a lot of those websites and was able to try out different services on a discounted price. I shared as much of these on the blog to be a one stop shop for Group Buying Deals. However, the group buying hype died down and only a few sites remained operational so the blog switched focus. 

The Promo Blogger now focuses more on airline seat sales and promos announced by malls, restaurants and stores in order to help promote them and also serve as a personal reminder to remember these ongoing promotions. 

Make Money Online Articles as New Section

A new section has been added to share new articles to make money online. These won’t be get-rich-overnight topics or scams that are made to steal your hard earned cash but simple tips and tricks which you can do online to earn money online.

For example, we have a lot of new online payment processors and each of them have their own promos. For example, you can read about this article…

Paying bills online is a very convenient alternative to paying manually and getting paid to do this just sweetens the deal. So expect more articles like this to be written in the Promo Blogger.

Promote your Promos

While we aim to make the promo blogger your one stop shop for promos and deals online; we cannot see all the promos that are available all the time. Thus, we still have our own Submit Your Own Promo to allow users/visitors like you to share your own finds/promos.

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