Shopback - Cashback Stuck on Enquire Status?

Recently, I have noticed that a lot of my Cashbacks have this “Enquire” Status. This happens when the Available by Date has already passed but the status is still pending. The status should be confirmed before it can go to our available earnings (available to withdraw).

So what is this Enquire Status and what does the red button actually do?

Upon pressing the enquire button; a support ticket will be generated automatically. This is the same as sending them an email to ask for help.

Aki replied to me which I will share to you.

I’m still following up on your orders, unfortunately I have yet to receive an update from the relevant department as they are still waiting a response from the merchant. Once I have received an update, I will get back to you right away. The merchant may take some time to response, however we will surely follow up closely on your orders.

Customer Service
ShopBack Philippines

So basically, we just need to wait it out. People have shared that eventually it will get confirmed but it just took longer than expected.

Have you been using Shopback on your online purchases? If not, what are you waiting for? Shopback allows you to earn cashback from your purchases (think of it as a delayed discount 🙂 )

Have you joined Shopback?

Join Shopback and get a bonus PHP 100 when you make your first purchase.

With a minimum withdrawal PHP 200; that immediately brings you closer to your first cashout.

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