How to post your own promos at the Promo Blogger?

How to post your own promos at the Promo Blogger?

Reposting this guide.

I have been getting several requests on this so I have decided to open up the promo blogger to guest posts. All you have to do is to register and you will automatically be given an account on how to post your own promos (e.g. for your business) for free!

This will serve as a guide but first, let us lay some ground rules:

  1. You need to register before you can post.
  2. All posts need to be approved by the admin.
  3. Post only promos and nothing else (no random links to promote some random blog or site).
  4. Post as many promos as you want (but post a specific promo only once please).
  5. The administrator reserves the right to reject posts that don’t follow the rules.
  6. The ability to upload images is a special feature. If this gets abused, then it will be disabled.

Now that we have the rules, let’s start this mini guide on how to create your first post here at the Promo Blogger!

  1. Register an account by going to this link ->
    You will get an email with the username you wrote and the a system generated password which you can change later.
  2. Log in to the promo blogger by going to this link ->
    You will then see the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. To create your post, go to posts at the menu to the left and click on Add New
    or to make it easy, click this link ->
  4. Start your writing your post. Think of it as just writing in Microsoft Word because the keyboard shortcuts work here.
    Before you start, press alt-shift-z to show more formatting options.
  5. To add images, click on Upload/Insert
    then after it uploads, just scroll down. Fill up some optional info and when you are done, click “Insert Into Post”.
  6. After you have finished writing your post, you can either save it as draft or submit it for review
    there’s a box to the right where you can do it.

That’s all folks!

If you have any issues, please let me know.


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  1. Hi,

    I tried registering so I can post a promo but I can’t seem to create a profile. Can you kindly help? Thank you!

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